YAM – Mental Health

Mental health awareness is a foundation pillar for
HØST & VÅR. Elsa Frederikke Nedrebø is diagnosed with
bi-polar disorder making mental health a subject of utmost importance to the brand.

YAM is a program which takes place in classrooms around the world, and which encourages young people to learn about and openly discuss mental health. The program encourages solidarity, peer support, and the consideration of different approaches when faced with life challenges or mental health concerns. Results found YAM effective in reducing new cases of suicide attempts and severe suicidal ideation by approximately 50%. New cases of depression were reduced by approximately 30% in the youth participating in YAM.

‘I beleive that we are built by emotions from a young age, and if you don’t learn to speak that language it re- sults in higher numbers of depression, illness and suicide. When I was young mental health and developing an ability to control feelings was not part of our learning, and this has been an issue of huge personal struggle for me. I wish to offer access to this type of learning and experience to the youth of today andYAM is the perfect collaborator to help me to contribute in this way’.

– Elsa Fredrikke Nedrebø

In order to break the taboo of mental health Elsa shares her personal story openly to encourage others to speak of their mental health and find help when they need it. Elsa is engaged in a program of cognitive be- havoural therapy and dialectical therapy which assist in understanding thoughts and behaviours associated with her experience of bi-polar disorder.

‘I have always considered myself different; fragile, emotional and vulnerable. I couldn’t understand the intensity of my emotions. Creativity was always an outlet for my well-being, however when I started the brand in 2015 (then named OOTD) I felt unable to share my struggles with mental health for fear of being negatively judged, I was confused, I couldn’t find my place and this was reflected in what I was creating.

In 2016 my brother passed away due to a heart condition and at this moment I decided that I would no longer hide behind my personal battles. At this point I made the courageous decision to embrace and share my mental health journey openly and that has been the best therapy. Upon making this decision we re-branded as ‘HØST & VÅR’ and we made a contract with ourselves to be 100% true and genuine to our values and our reality, we would stand up for everything we beleive in we would share our story in order to help others.

My journey involves the development and sharing of my voice and my values, that I express through the platform that we have created in fashion’.

– Elsa Fredrikke Nedrebø

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