Høst & Vår is a bond between two women; a mother and daughter, women at different stages in their life but with a shared vision and drive, and a connection formed of love and respect. We could say that the daughter is Spring and the mother is Autumn. In 1989 this connection was formed and it has grown from that point into a perfect partnership of understanding and a combined force of equal strength.

Elsa Fredrikke Nedrebø


Designer // Founder


At a very young age I knew that I wanted to work in fashion.
As the daughter of a designer, there was no question about my future, my favourite way to pass my time was in the studio of my mother, watching and learning.
In 2015 we built our brand together and this started a journey that is continually evolving into something more and more beautiful.




Gunn Auglend Nedrebø

Creative director // Founder


Crafting bespoke womens clothes for red carpet events and working as a full time designer for 20 years Gunn is a well known, stylist, designer and has been tailored these skills for a portfolio of celebrities.

Her experience combined with an enormous expertise provides her with the flexibility to create an assert a style for the modern independ- ent woman with gestural fluidity and a no holes barred approach to detail, quality and perfectionism.

‘We take our inspiration from all of the strong women that stand out, fight for her rights and get dressed every morning to meet the world with kindness and love’
All garments are crafted with love by carefully selected producers in Europe, and are assured to be created under good working conditions and meeting regulatory standards.