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We know that there is no such thing as sustainable fashion but we are determined to be as close to the zero impact end of the spectrum as we possibly can.  We carefully check every aspect of our supply chain. We use vegan, organic, biodegradable fabrics for all of our products. We source locally where possible, and keep production in Europe. We believe that everything matters when it comes to reducing impact. We produce only high quality products that will stand the test of time. We embrace innovation. We believe in a better future.


The collections feature sustainable Vegan fabrics holding the V-Label certificate. With innovative technology the fibres are regenerated using by-products of cotton production, creating a fabric which has the positive qualities of silk without any cruelty to animals; soft to touch, naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant. The fabrics are toxin free and are kind to both skin and the planet – they are fully biodegradable after two months of soil coverage.



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